Akademia Koszykówki Zamość – wersja angielska.

(Poznaj Nas) Get to know us:

Zamosc Basketball Academy is an educational and training offer addressed to primary schools from Zamosc and its surroundings. In addition to our extensive statutory activity, our main goals are to improve children’ technical skills necessary to play basketball, cyclical self-evaluation and as well as the development of psychosocial processes. Our sports trainings are planned, well-organised and appropriately arranged. We strongly believe that in order to achieve the master level in basketball and successes in life, wide knowledge and proper understanding in the field of psychology, technic and physicality are crucial. While selecting appropriate methods and forms of work, we make sure that the training process complies with the established plan. We conduct the evaluation of training effects so that everyone could learn which technical element of the skill is performed correctly and on which he/she should work more during the training. This allows to eliminate possible mistakes and help to observe the progress during the course. Zamosc Basketball Academy also supports the natural development of children. It is needed to point out that appropriate physical activity, understanding of participants’ behavior and adequate response while acquiring technical skills help to develop psychosocial values that are necessary for harmonious human development. In order to ensure the continuity of training, we cooperate on an ongoing basis with the Student Sports Club at High School No. 3 in Zamosc and with Youth Basketball Center (Szkolny Młodzieżowy Ośrodek Koszykówki), located in Primary School No. 3 in Zamość.

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